Plantation in St-Pierre-de-Manneville (76)

Planting of the 1st vineyard of SCEVA Vignobles de Normandie, November 17 and 18, St-Pierre-de-Manneville.

Seine-Maritime now has a new vineyard, in Saint-Pierre-de-Manneville. Located in a loop of the Seine, between La Bouille and Rouen, it extends over almost 1 hectare.

15 people on Friday, then 20 on Saturday, took turns planting the 4,000 vines of Chardonnay.

The land had been prepared and amended by a farmer from the town at the beginning of November: on November 11, we had located and planted the 4000 stakes. All that remained was to plant the future feet.

Everything went well, except for the rain which slowed us down a little on Friday November 18: the 4000 feet were all planted on Saturday evening.

Hard at work…

On Sunday we all met at the town hall to celebrate.

Since then we have been in the field every week to see if everything is going well: no problem at the moment.

Next week (February 6 to 10, 2023), I'm going for a week of pruning training in Chablis, with the aim of putting it into practice on our plot from the beginning of March.

Following the next episode…

Benoit Hue

The Chardonnay vines were planted West/East, to allow West winds to limit humidity.