Our engagements

Gastronomic land
and agricultural

Normandy has always been a region of excellence for local products: 

A few pioneers have proven that wine can be added to this long list. Today, new winegrowers are joining them, and they all share the same desire.


• to promote sustainable viticulture and oenology
• to produce a quality wine, with a healthy plant and soil
• to discuss their experiences, to show solidarity

This desire is what brings us together within the Vignerons de Normandie association. We are convinced that together we can move faster and go further.


This is why we are committed to supporting future plantations and established winegrowers to enrich our know-how and produce Norman wines with a unique character, reflections of this exceptional terroir.

We also want to give Norman viticulture and its products all the visibility they deserve.

Finally, because the future of Norman wines is being written today, we believe in innovation and research to develop a sector of excellence and move the lines.

Our values

Our association aims to bring together wine projects and achievements in Normandy around 4 values:


Share the fruit of our work and the conviviality that results from it.


Be patient, accept the climate and its hazards, do your best, with respect for man and its environment.


Seek to understand, share what we have learned and bring our wine to the best level while thinking about tomorrow.


Share experiences, tools, the know-how and the pleasure of being together.

Our action plan
in 5 steps


Coordinate the development of viticulture in Normandy

Our association plays above all a unifying role in developing the Normandy wine industry.
By capitalizing on the experience of pioneers
and on the innovative ideas of young graduates
(there are many!), we will crown the projects with long-term success.


Lead a network of exchange and sharing of resources

Our association has a professional vocation. 

As such, we provide advisory support in viticulture and winemaking carried out by a qualified technician, training and documentary bases. We also provide an address book of providers and services at negotiated prices (soil analysis, weather stations, equipment, etc.).


Represent Normandy viticulture to public authorities and institutions

Conquerors, persuasive and perseverant, we act collectively to make Norman viticulture known and recognized at all levels (Region, Safer, Chamber of Agriculture, customs, FranceAgriMer, towns, departments, etc.).


Promote Norman viticulture and its products

Graphic charter, website, kakemonos… 

In order to give more visibility to Norman viticulture, we plan to develop means of communication specific to our association and usable by members.


Contribute to innovation and research on Norman viticulture

With the support of the Region, the Chamber of Agriculture and private partners, we wish to implement a coordinated and scientific approach. Among our first actions, the creation of a map of Normandy soils based on soil pits throughout the territory. The objective: to identify areas with high potential for producing good wine.