2024 training courses

The association of Vignerons de Normandie and the Chamber of Agriculture join forces to offer a range of training courses adapted to Norman wine projects.

The 2024 session opens with 2 themes in March:

  • the start of the wine business
  • tillage of the soil.

Other training is planned, including renewals and additions to 2023 subjects such as physiological pruning of the vine and winemaking.

  • Training 2024.02 – Start my wine project

Date and locations: March 21 and 22 (1.5 days) in Bois Guillaume (to be confirmed for the field visit)

Speaker: Christophe Suchaut (viti/oeno advisor at the Côte d’Or Chamber of Agriculture)

Day 1 :  the main lines, in the room

Establish your vineyard 

  • Regulatory aspects
  • Practical aspects: plots, grape varieties, rootstocks, planting density, trellising, etc.

Managing your vineyard  

  • Vegetative cycle
  • Work and work periods, from pruning to harvest

Winemaking concepts 

  • What types of vinification, for which wines

Economic elements  

  • production costs

Day 2 (morning): Field visit to established plot

  • Training 2024.03 – Reasoning tillage in viticulture

Date and locations: March 29 in Lisieux.

Speaker: Perrine Dubois (viticulture advisor Chamber of Agriculture of Pays de la Loire)

  • Impact of tillage on vines, yields and soil fertility
  • Inventory and observations to make before starting
  • Description of the different working equipment of the cavaillon and the inter-row
  • Presentation of other grass control techniques under the cavaillon
  • Proposal of technical itineraries for working the row and inter-row
  • Work time simulation

Registration conditions:

  • For a farmer up to date with his Vivea contributions: €105/day
  • For an agricultural employee, an individual, a farmer not up to date with Vivea: €224/d
  • For an employee of a para-agricultural organization: €266/d
  • Training not eligible for the CPF
  • For Pôle Emploi, the request must be made to your advisor
  • For Ocapiat (agricultural employees): request to be made before training, reimbursement of approximately 45%

Registration and information: Laura Hélaine, Chamber of Agriculture training service – laura.helaine@normandie.chambagri.fr