“Physiological pruning” training for Norman winegrowers

The Normandy Chamber of Agriculture and the Vignerons de Normandie have joined forces to organize a first training cycle for winter 2023/2024. The first of them took place Tuesday December 5, 2023.

In the premises of the Chamber in Bois-Guillaume, Robin Evrard, agronomist and biodynamic winemaker on 5ha in Muscadet, was able to train 13 trainees in physiological gentle pruning of the vine.

And to illustrate the training, a practical course was organized on the vineyards of the In Vigno Meritas association, still in Bois Guillaume.

The objective of this training was to make trainees aware of the importance of respecting “sap flows” during winter pruning. Often ignored, this pruning method allows the vine to give the best of itself by avoiding pruning wounds and drying cones, and thus ensure longevity to the vines by avoiding diseases such as Esca.

Photo credits: G. Mesnildrey (CA Normandie).