A viti consultant in Normandy – Welcome to Catherine Bernhard

Catherine Bernhard, during the Vignerons de Normandie AGM, January 14, 2023

As part of the development of the regional wine industry, the Vignerons de Normandie association now offers technical support to members, embodied by Catherine Bernhard, an experienced viticulture consultant. Our reporter was able to meet her.

VdN : Hello Catherine, and welcome to Vignerons de Normandie. Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

CB : Good morning ! Let me introduce myself, Catherine, 35 years old, 1 child, 1 dog (who can sometimes accompany me in the field). I live near Saint-Lô. With my partner we also have a small sheep breeding activity (local breed Roussin de la Hague). I have a BTSA in viticulture-oenology that I passed at LEGTA Rouffach, in Alsace, 15 years ago… as well as a CS cider production obtained 2 years ago at CFPPA Le Robillard.

VdN : Already a great experience in viticulture. What have you learned from all these experiences?

CB : During the last 15 years, I have had the opportunity to discover different French wine regions, as well as different sectors of activity: Alsace first of all, then the southern Côtes du Rhône, Languedoc (Pic Saint Loup ), Roussillon (an area going from Narbonne to Perpignan) and finally Burgundy and Beaujolais.

Through my experiences, I have acquired skills in observing diseases and pests, technical itineraries and vineyard management, triggering the harvest, managing the grapes in the vats, tasting and cellar work as well as a whole administrative management section (harvest declaration, claims, specifications, etc.)

VdN : What will you be able to offer this year to the members of the association?

CB : I hope to be able to bring my experience to the members of the association, through different services:

  • individual technical advice
  • planting kit (plot choice, soil analysis, technical itinerary, etc.)
  • technical assistance with WhatsApp group animation, triggering weather alerts, setting up training days, writing technical bulletins, etc.

VdN : How do you see the development of viticulture in Normandy?

CB : It's a big challenge, with a lot of things to put in place to find the best technical solutions and get the best out of the Normandy terroir and climate, with the ultimate objective of making a quality final product.

VdN : Thank you Catherine. And see you soon on our plots!

St Lo, February 8, 2023